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Converse All Star – a timeless creation


Converse All Star: an iconic brand endorsed by celebrities and worn by anyone.

The first model goes back to 1917, created in the States, in Massachusetts by Marquis Converse. From the beginning of times, Converse produced rubber boots and only after they started to produce tennis shoes especially suitable for basket players.

The Chuck Taylor model,  dedicated to the famous player, is the icon of the brand.

In 2015 Converse presented the Chuck Taylor II, apparently identical to the original but more comfortable and cushioned, lighter and with a transpiring upholster suede of high quality, a guarantee of total comfort all day.

Differently from what it was expected, it was a flop and after two years the Chuck Taylor II was discontinued.

It seems that the mistake was in changing the aesthetic instead of the functionality.

Converse All Star supporters loved the iconic model and would have rather see changes in the functionality of the shoes only.

Luckily the brand is still here and the good old Chuck Taylor, the original, is still thriving, and it’s going anywhere any time soon.

It seems impossible to believe but Converse All star has been producing these shoes for over 100 years now and despite all the ups and downs, the brand has survived a lot of challenges including change of ownership, fashion trends shifting, and the strongest competitions.

But it’s still here, and the Nike purchase didn’t make it disappear, on the contrary, the improvements of the technical features while keeping the original look, and brand, only made sales skyrocket.

The major boost to the brand, though, came from notorious Hollywood stars wearing their pair of Chuck Taylor during their public appearance, the most powerful endorsement.

In particular, they were worn by Axl Rose in the Guns N’ Roses music video “Estranged”.

Joshua Mueller, Guinness Book of World Records is the holder for the largest collection of “Chucks”

The canvas sneakers have become a classic for everyone who loves casual clothes and a basic element of our wardrobes as much as they are a pair of jeans or white t-shirts.

It’s an element of clothing that you can basically wear with just about anything, depending on your mood.

And so is for the celebrities.

Fashion has no boundaries after all.

But, it must be mentioned that many stars wear special edition made just for them, including, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Sailor Jerry, Metallica, The Clash, Dr. Seuss, Grateful Dead, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix, Miley Cyrus.

We have to admit that heir plain look, and simple style together with their ultra-comfortable and functional design, plus their lean silhouette, make them an easy target for any kind of buyers including those that are not so sensitive to fashion trends.

Therefore, we couldn’t miss them in our portfolio for the world.

Grab your pair of the Converse All Star for your celebrity wardrobe.