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Oblyk sunglasses- the perfect look

Why Oblyk sunglasses is what you were looking for

Whether exposed to the bright reflection of the snow in winter or the searing sun of summer, our eyes demand good quality glasses to protect their delicate retina. Our vanity, however, yearns for a cool look.

Oblyk sunglasses can fulfill both obligations at a reasonable price, thus you can have as many pairs as you want, according to your needs. The round shape remains the same, what changes are the color and material; you can also get them polarized on request.

The stylish shades originate from an epiphany by one of the co-founders, during a visit to Val Cadore in the Italian Alps, on an unplanned trip to see family. He realized that he was in the midst of a land where glasses were produced and decided to pay a visit to a small local factory.

He had always had a passion for fancy shades, but no idea of how they were made.

Little did he know that his curiosity would eventually lead to the creation of one of the most iconic eye accessories of these times.

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He was simply fascinated by the way in which the beautifully-shaped optical frames were made by the local artisan, one-by-one, using the old hand-made process, using high-quality raw materials, with an exceptional result.

The rest is easy to guess. A new partnership was born and the ultra-fine trendy OBLYK was brought to life and distributed all over the world.

Needless to say, the reaction of the market exceeded expectations. And it’s no wonder why; inspired by men donning a look from the 20s, in suits and round glasses, the modern version conveyed a sophisticated and timeless elegance.

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We are glad to see that, just like us, the man of these times is infatuated by high quality and style, and we are honored, and beyond excited, to feature OBLYK glasses, protecting your eyes … and your outlook!

You can choose from many different versions of the same revolutionary style for your cool self, all made in Italy, from Italian materials, and all accompanied by the elegant Petrol Blue vintage inspired pouch, also made in Italy.

Pick your favorite pair here….