Byeuuns Western Tassel Flip-flops – 3 Colors (BMS22015)


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Editor’s NotesByeuuns’s unique flip-flops with the fashionable tassel details can be matched well with daily summer stylings.- Modern and simple mood- Comfy cushioned strap- Lightweight- Comfortable fit- Non-slip outsole- Daily point itemMeasurements(in.)KR 225MM ~ 250MM- Heel height : 0.79 in.*Fits true to the size.*If you want to change the heel height to 4CM (1.57 in.) please leave a request through the customer service.*Changing the heel height option has additional price.Composition & Care- Black (Suede) : Cowhide Suede(Tassel strap) Lamb skin Pig skin- Biscuit (Suede) : Cowhide Suede Cowhide Pig skin- Ivory (Cowhide) : Cowhide Pig skin- Natural leather may have fine scratches and wrinkles- Avoid direct heat and moisture- Wipe off moisture and stains with a dry cloth – Natural dry in the shade- Avoid bright-toned pants or socks- Half-attached insoles will be fully attached when you wear the shoesDesigner- by Byeuuns