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Editor’s NoteBBYB stands for Blank By Bella and provides unique and fresh designs every new season by using various colors and materials. Bella means ‘beautiful woman’ in Italian and Bella is what BBYB tries to express for the public. BBYB provides its own unique vibe and fulfil the mission of Bella for the women who are enthusiastic open-minded and always targeting for new life-style every season.- Emphasis on the color placement on the modern body-line had been made for this Unisex large tote bag- Storability had been given more attention for the creation of this large tote bag and the large space of storing spaces have been made available for the use of both sexes- The bag’s material’s safety and restitution ability had been enhanced therefore you can store a lot of items in the bag and still have no change in the overall physical appearance of the bag- There is a pocket on the inside that enables users to store simple card wallet and cellphone which is useful- BBYB aims for p