[SET] Couple Royal Tartan Pajamas


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Editor’s Notes This pajama tartan check has combination of shirt and pants addressing classic look. With its loose fit creating relaxed silhouette it is perfect lounge wear to keep both style and comfort at home. Get this couple pajamas for warm and cozy movie night!- Soft and warm cotton used- Three buttons for women’s shirt- Four buttons for men’s shirt- Navy piping detail- Convertible collar- Chest pocket- Side pockets at pantsMeasurements(in.)Men’s Shirts- Shoulder: 18.90 in.- Chest: 22.83 in.- Hem: 6.30 in.- Sleeve Length: 24.80 in.- Total Length: 29.92 in.Men’s Pants- Waist: 13.78 in.- Hip: 23.62 in.- Front Crotch: 13.39 in.- Back Crotch: 16.14 in.- Thigh: 11.42 in.- Hem: 8.27 in.- Total Length: 39.37 in.*Model info: GUIYOM / Height 6′ 1″ Bust 31 in. Waist 25 in. Hip 35.5 in.Women’s Shirts- Shoulder: 26.54 in.- Chest: 20.47 in.- Hem: 5.51 in.- Sleeve Length: 22.05 in.- Total Length: 26.77 in.Women’s Pants- Waist: 12.99 in.- Hip: 22.83 in.- Front Crotch: 11.81 in.- Back Cr