Oblyk – the perfect look

Oblyk – the perfect look

Whether exposed to the bright reflection of the snow in winter, or the searing sun of summer, our eyes demand good quality glasses to protect their delicate retina. Our vanity however, yearns for a cool look.

Oblyk can fulfil both obligations at a reasonable price, thus you can have as many pairs as you want, according to your needs. The round shape remains the same, what changes is the colour and material; you can also get them polarized on request.

The stylish shades originate from an epiphany by one of the co-founders, during a visit to Val Cadore in the Italian Alps, on an unplanned trip to see family. He realised that he was in the midst of a land where glasses were produced, and decided to pay a visit to a small local factory. He had always had a passion for fancy shades, but no idea of how they were made.

Little did he know that his curiosity would eventually lead to the creation of one of the most iconic eye accessories of these times.

He was simply fascinated by the way in which the beautifully-shaped optical frames were made by the local artisan, one-by-one, using the old hand-made process, using high-quality raw materials, with an exceptional result.

The rest is easy to guess. A new partnership was born and the ultra-fine trendy OBLYK were brought to life, and distributed all over the world.

Needless to say, the reaction of the market exceeded expectations. And it’s no wonder why; inspired by men donning a look from the 20s, in suits and round glasses, the modern version conveyed a sophisticated and timeless elegance.

We are glad to see that, just like us, the man of these times is infatuated by high quality and style, and we are honoured, and beyond excited, to feature OBLYK glasses, protecting your eyes … and your outlook!

You can choose from many different versions of the same revolutionary style for your cool self, all made in Italy, from Italian materials, and all accompanied by the elegant Petrol Blue vintage inspired pouch, also made in italy.

Pick your favorite pair here….




A diamond for everyone – Swarovski makes history

A diamond for everyone – Swarovski makes history

We all want a piece of Swarovski, dazzling from us, and adding shimmer to our outfit. So little do we know however, regarding the background to the beautiful, gleaming  creations, and how they became a symbol of elegance and class when it comes to jewellery.

We need to go back in time, to 1895, when Swarovski was born from the brilliant mind of Daniel Swarovski, an Austrian bohemian jeweller, who wanted to create a diamond-like cut accessible to anyone. He patents a glass-cutting machine capable of cutting crystal even more precisely than by hand … the rest is history.



The Swarovski collections presented through the years, have always been evidence of an innate passion for innovation, design and creativity, which characterises the family heritage, and which will continue to evolve, delivering the world’s premier jewellery and accessory brand.

What makes it so special is the constant research of excellence, and the desire to create meaningful pieces, together with a commitment to social affairs.

From the beginning, the Swarovski family has consistently found a way to take a step forward.  Production is not simply confined to luxury jewellery, but also reaches out to engineering solutions, manufacturing highly-accurate optical instruments; providing lighting solutions for industrial facilities, besides an important, constant cooperation with luxury clothing brands and iconic figures of all time, partnering with names such as Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, and Christian Dior.


Julian Hough in Swarovski (in red) and Swarovski Vogue Fashion Night Out (in gold)


In 1976, the delicate, precisely glittering crystal figurines were born and turned into a prolific and significant product line, sought after by the most passionate collectors; while the beautiful and ever-so-popular swan subsequently became the symbol of the company, epitomizing its elegance, class and transformation.

In the meantime, the evolution of technology allowed the company to include semi-precious stones in its collection, and thus create even more sophisticated shapes.

The golden rule: never stop evolving. The Swarovski company decided to also become involved in meaningful projects, partnering with emerging designers, starting with a young Alexander Mc Queen, who featured Swarovski Crystal Mesh in his Spring-Summer collection.



In 2009, after 3 years of research, Swarovski watch collections is finally launched on the market, with an exceptional design and luxury, combining elegance with minimalism.

We are therefore then faced with a global company, committed to creating meaningful works-of-art that aim to reflect the beauty of our world back at us.

And here comes the year 2017, characterised, among others, by the simple, light design of the Gipsy collection bangles, worn comfortably with either jeans or an elegant party dress.

Check out the Swarovski collection in our portfolio to choose your favourite piece. 



Summer 2017 trends for women

Summer 2017 trends for women

We have investigate on the most popular fashion trends of this summer for women so that you will be ready to hit the summer and have your natural beauty stand out.


Here is what we have found:

  1. The timeless Kaki colour, always trendy, redesigned and readapted, suitable for an elegant lunch or a practical every day dress.


2)  A white shirt is always a good choice. Apt for all the occasion, now with different creative details it is a necessary presence in your wardrobe. A petal shaped rim, a higher waistline, an unexpected cut, and so forth. A tribute to creativity.

Foto courtesy of Dollen @ Flckr


3)Large and open sleeves, an uncovered shoulder for a shirt or a dress in any colour or lenght.


4) Inspired to businessmen, the classic blue striped shirt is transformed into different creative shapes and sizes for the elegant and resolute woman.


5) Yellow becomes the colour of the summer, in all its shades and on light and transparent fabrics. Long and generous dresses.


6) And to finish in merriment, would you have ever believed that the coloured stripes of your beach umbrella would have ever become the favourite fantasy of your summer wear? Well, that’s what happens for summer 2017.

You have a huge choice! Have fun and happy summer!


Sources: www.elle.com www.vogue.com

Creativity in a bag  with Anya Hindmarch

Creativity in a bag with Anya Hindmarch

Thanks to her ability to interpret and understand women desires when it comes to bags, Anya Hindmarch has quickly become the reference brand for a demanding clientele. From the Duchess of Cambridge to Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, many movie-stars are wearing her bags on the red carpet and in the private setting.


Her creations always use ironic messages, comics’ subjects or coloured smiles. Inspired by travels, people, architecture, school, Anya Hindmarch bags always have a unique design that leaves a mark.

Do you like them? Share this and find out her collection in our catalogue!


Converse All Star – a timeless creation

Converse All Star – a timeless creation

The first model goes back to 1917, created in the States, in Massachusetts by Marquis Converse. From the beginning of times Converse produced rubber boots and only after they started to produce tennis shoes especially suitable for basket players.

The Chuck Taylor,  dedicated to the famous player, are the icon of the brand.

This year Converse presents the Chuck Taylor II, apparently identical to the original but more comfortable and cushioned, lighter and with a transpiring upholster suede of high quality, a guarantee of total comfort all day.

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