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A diamond for everyone – Swarovski makes history


“We all want a piece of Swarovski, dazzling from us, and adding shimmer to our outfit.”

So little do we know, however, regarding the background to the beautiful, gleaming creations, and how they became a symbol of elegance and class when it comes to jewelry.

We need to go back in time, to 1895, when Swarovski was born from the brilliant mind of Daniel Swarovski, an Austrian bohemian jeweler, who wanted to create a diamond-like cut accessible to anyone.

He patents a glass-cutting machine capable of cutting crystal even more precisely than by hand … the rest is history.

The Swarovski collections presented through the years have always been evidence of an innate passion for innovation, design, and creativity, which characterizes the family heritage, and which will continue to evolve, delivering the world’s premier jewelry and accessory brand.

What makes it so special is the constant research of excellence, and the desire to create meaningful pieces, together with a commitment to social affairs.

From the beginning, the Swarovski family has consistently found a way to take a step forward.  Production is not simply confined to luxury jewelry, but also reaches out to engineering solutions, manufacturing highly-accurate optical instruments; providing lighting solutions for industrial facilities, besides important, constant cooperation with luxury clothing brands and iconic figures of all time, partnering with names such as Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, and Christian Dior.

In 1976, the delicate, precisely glittering crystal figurines were born and turned into a prolific and significant product line, sought after by the most passionate collectors; while the beautiful and ever-so-popular swan subsequently became the symbol of the company, epitomizing its elegance, class, and transformation.

In the meantime, the evolution of technology allowed the company to include semi-precious stones in its collection, and thus create even more sophisticated shapes.

The golden rule: never stop evolving. The Swarovski company decided to also become involved in meaningful projects, partnering with emerging designers, starting with a young Alexander Mc Queen, who featured Swarovski Crystal Mesh in his Spring-Summer collection.

In 2009, after 3 years of research, Swarovski watch collections is finally launched on the market, with exceptional design and luxury, combining elegance with minimalism.

“We are therefore then faced with a global company, committed to creating meaningful works-of-art that aim to reflect the beauty of our world back at us.”

And here comes the year 2017, characterized, among others, by the simple, light design of the Gipsy collection bangles, worn comfortably with either jeans or an elegant party dress.

Fast forward 3 years Swarovski continue to surprise us with innovative evergreen designs.

Check out the Swarovski collection in our portfolio to choose your favorite piece.